3 Simple Tips For Prolonging Your Commercial Roof

If you are a business owner, you probably have a list of priorities. From marketing and hiring new employees to buying products and materials, you will need to invest in your business in multiple ways. Unfortunately, you probably do not want to be investing in a new roof earlier than expected. With these tips, you will earn how to prolong the lifespan of your commercial building roof. Clean Just like you clean the inside of your building, you need to clean the outside and the roof is a great place to start with general cleaning and maintenance. [Read More]

A Siding Fix May Be Necessary When Seaside Wind Damage Occurs

Living near the ocean comes with many positive benefits. Unfortunately, the sea can also bring heavy winds. During harsh storms, the winds could even tear off portions of a home's siding. Once this happens, the homeowner must act quickly and contact a siding contractor to perform the necessary fix. Not all of the siding might be torn off, as only a small portion may tear off, revealing the wood underneath. Regardless, leaving the wood exposed would not be a good idea. [Read More]

4 Questions About Replacing A Hot Water Heater

Is your home's hot water heater on its last legs? If so, you likely have the following questions about replacing this old appliance with a new one. Can The Tank Be Repaired? There are some problems with a hot water tank that can be repaired, and some that cannot. If you have a problem where the tank is rusting through the sidewall of the tank, it is impossible to fix the rust and strengthen the tank. [Read More]

Tips For First-Time Homeowners And Their Roof

Most first-time homeowners are naturally more interested in the inside of their home. After all, getting unpacked and decorating the new space is way more fun than worrying about things outside, like the roof. However, your roof is perhaps the most important component in your home as it protects you, your family, your home, and all your possessions. For these reasons, it's imperative first-time homeowners know a few things about properly caring for their roof. [Read More]