Working With Contractors

Energy-Saving Home Metal Building Designs: Talking To Your Contractor About Efficient Solutions

The most important components in a building design include the walls, ceiling, and foundation. A building that is energy-efficient must focus on what materials are used in the foundation and walls of a building. The foundation is a major factor when it comes to a home's energy efficiency, but with metal buildings, there are other challenges. The following information will help you work with your metal building contractor to create a more efficient design for your project.

Insulating Metal Building Designs

One of the biggest challenges for metal buildings is insulating the exterior envelopes. These are the sheet metal siding exteriors, which can be insulated using specially designed rolls of materials that help to reflect heat and prevent thermal transfer. In addition to the insulation, there are also options like spray foam insulation, which can be added to specific areas of your building's interior. You might also want to consider using sandwich panels, which are metal panels with insulation between the inner core. These materials help solve some of the most common challenges with the efficiency of metal buildings.

Framing Metal Buildings

The framing of the metal building is another area to consider when thinking about the design's energy efficiency. Using lighter steel frames and metal trusses can help reduce the surface area of the metal. This has many benefits to the design of the building, one of which is that the reduction of the steel surfaces will not produce heat. The heat that is produced by steel skeletons diminishes the energy efficiency of the building design. In addition, metal trusses also have the benefit of being easier to install mechanical systems in.

Renewables and Enhanced Solar Panels

You also want to consider the renewable energy systems that you add to your metal building design. It is a good idea to work with the metal building contractor for the installation of renewable energy features like solar panels. This is because they can design the support for these features, which with enhanced solar panels is a metal framework. The racks for enhanced solar panels track the sun due to their dual-axis design, which improves their energy production.

Additional Ideas for Efficient Metal Buildings 

There are other solutions that you might want to consider to make your metal building design more efficient. These include things like adding a double wall with an insulated core at the floor height, installing efficient mechanical systems, and adding smart automation to the building design. Your metal building contractor will be able to help you decide on the additional features that will be the best for your project.

When working with a metal building contractor, consider these improvements when talking about energy-saving design solutions.