Three Reasons Why Your Chimney Should Have A Chimney Cap

If you're like most people who have recently purchased a home with a fireplace, you're undoubtedly looking forward to relaxing in front of the fire on chilly evenings, as well as getting a break on home heating costs. You probably already know that regular chimney maintenance is part of the picture when you've got a wood-burning appliance in the house, but you may not be aware of details such as the importance of having a functioning chimney cap. [Read More]

Benefits of Joining an HVAC Contractor Union

Working as an HVAC professional can be a highly rewarding career path to follow. However, many individuals that are pursuing this career path or that are currently working in this field may not fully appreciate the ways that joining an HVAC contractor's union can benefit them. Collectively Bargained Wages One of the most important benefits that unions can provide to their members is the ability to collectively bargain wages. This can result in higher wages for union members as the employers are forced to negotiate with the union to avoid a strike. [Read More]

The Big Thaw: Spring Troubles To Watch For With Your Septic System

As the ground begins to thaw out in early spring, the soil often becomes saturated. While this is good news for the plants on your property, it can pose a hazard to your septic system. The following are problems to watch for as the ground thaws out. Sewage backups No one wants raw sewage to flow into their home. Unfortunately, if the water table rises too high near your drain field and septic tanks, backflow issues can occur. [Read More]

Choosing The Right Deck Color

A deck can increase your ability to enjoy the landscape surrounding your home. Modern decks can be customized with fireplaces or outdoor kitchens to help them meet any homeowner's needs. While selecting accessories for a new custom deck is something that every homeowner looks forward to, the materials you use to construct your deck are just as important. Color is one of the leading factors that you need to consider when designing a deck that will be both beautiful and functional. [Read More]