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Tips For First-Time Homeowners And Their Roof

Most first-time homeowners are naturally more interested in the inside of their home. After all, getting unpacked and decorating the new space is way more fun than worrying about things outside, like the roof.

However, your roof is perhaps the most important component in your home as it protects you, your family, your home, and all your possessions. For these reasons, it's imperative first-time homeowners know a few things about properly caring for their roof.

Schedule Routine Maintenance Checkups

Ideally, you should have your roof looked at least twice a year. In autumn, before winter arrives, call for an appointment so a roofing professional can make sure the roof doesn't have any leaks or entry ways for animals to find their way in.

In spring, schedule another appointment. Winter can cause a lot of havoc on a roof. In areas with a lot of snow, the weight of the snow can cause damage to the roof trusses. In areas with heavy lake effect snow, you may even need to remove snow periodically to prevent roof collapse. Ice dams build up and may create leaks, especially around the flashing. And when massive chunks of snow or ice slide off a roof, they often take shingles with it or damage flashing, soffits, and gutters.

Keep Your Roof Free of Debris

While you may love that giant oak tree in the backyard at your new house, you probably won't like the mess it makes on your roof every autumn. Not only will it shed its large leaves, it will also drop acorns. These acorns can and will sprout in your gutters and roof channels. Acorns will also attract squirrels. Don't allow leaves, nuts, fruits, moss, or any other debris — organic or not — to accumulate on your roof. This will only cause problems. If you don't feel comfortable climbing up there yourself, you will need to hire a professional to come and clean it for you.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are in Good Condition

Your gutters aren't technically part of your roof, but they are extremely important to the health of your roof and your foundation. If your gutters are clogged with leaves or other debris, such as acorns from a nearby tree, they can't carry away water from the roof.

When the gutters cannot carry away water from the roof itself, it will overflow directly onto the ground below, which means your foundation could be adversely affected. You likely had a roof inspection before you bought your new home, but you should still establish service with a local, trusted roofing company sooner rather than later. A roof doesn't last forever and it's important you have a good idea of how much life your roof has left before it will need replacement. For more information, contact roofing services in your area.