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Patios And Pergolas: The Perfect Match For Your Outdoor Space

If your patio lacks design style, needs an update, or is nothing more than a concrete slab outside your back door, it may be time to consider adding a pergola. With a beautiful pergola over your patio, your home's value will increase, and you will have an attractive place to relax or entertain guests. With all the pergola options in construction materials, design, color, and style, you will have plenty of versatility when having your pergola constructed.

Design it your way

You have full control over how you want your pergola to look. Your contractor will design a pergola to suit your needs and style. You can choose the color and material and can have it designed to be simple or elegant depending on your preference.

You can choose a flat roof or have attractive arches added to your design. You can select whether you want your pergola to be manufactured with cedar, redwood, teak, or with a composite material. You would be hard-pressed to find a patio cover option that gives you versatility in design style like a pergola. 

Plant perfect pergolas

If you enjoy growing plants and love the fragrance of florals in your outdoor space, a pergola gives you additional space for growing your favorite vines, florals, and even fruits and vegetables. If you choose an open roof style pergola, you can grow vines on top of your pergola to provide natural shade on sunny days. In fact, any type of creeping vine or trailing plant will be right at home with a pergola.

The wooden rafters across the roof of a pergola give you room to hang baskets of beautiful flowers or to vertically grow produce. You can designate one end of your pergola for a vertical garden and still have plenty of room left on your patio for your favorite outdoor furniture or an outdoor dining area/kitchen if needed.

Provide definition for your patio

Defining an outdoor space helps to highlight its aesthetic value. A pergola brings natural beauty to your patio, but it also makes it stand out from the remaining outdoor landscape. Pergolas are perfect for adding height and dimension to a landscape design.

A pergola provides both aesthetic and practical value to your home. You have the option of having a pergola constructed with a full roof or the popular open roof that allows sunlight to filter over the patio. More attractive than awnings or standard pavilion-type covers, pergolas continue to be a popular trend in patio design.

For more information, contact a patio cover construction service near you.