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Four Signs Your Wood Shake Roof Needs Repairs

Wood shakes, also sometimes referred to as cedar shakes or wood shingles, have a unique appearance that makes them attractive to many homeowners. However, one of the downsides to this roofing material is that wood shakes need a lot of care and maintenance. If you have wood shakes, you need to know what the signs are that indicate that your roof may need to be repaired. Here are four of those signs. 

You Can See Spots Where Shakes Are Missing

One of the signs that you may notice if your roof is in need of repair is spots where shakes are missing. Shakes are normally brown or wood-colored. The material placed under the shakes is typically black. As such, you may see a noticeable black spot or hole if one or more shakes are missing. Shakes typically go missing due to strong wind gusts or torrential downpours of rain. 

The Wood Shakes Are Noticeably Split or Cracked

Another sign that is indicative of a wood shake roof that needs repair is shakes that are noticeably split or cracked. Wood shakes may naturally split or crack when the wood starts to dry out. You are more likely to notice this issue on a part of your roof that is exposed more to the sun compared to a shaded portion of your roof. 

The Shakes Are Curling or Cupping

Water can negatively affect your wood shakes. If your wood shakes start to absorb water or moisture, they can start to curl or cup. While most people use these terms interchangeably, curling typically causes the edges of the shingles to turn upward, while cupping causes the edges of the shingles to curve inward. Your shakes should lie flat against your roof, so if a shake is curling or cupping, it may stand out from the rest of your shingles. 

Mildew or Moss Are Starting to Grow on Your Shakes

The last sign that you may notice if your wood shake roof needs to be repaired is mildew, moss, or other organic plant life growing on the roof. This is most often a sign that moisture is not draining from your roof as it should. This needs to be addressed, as it may be a precursor to water damage or roof leaks. 

If you notice that wood shakes are missing from your roof, can see that your shakes are split or curling, or notice mildew or moss growing on them, you are in need of a roof repair. It is important to get the repairs made as quickly as possible, as roof issues can worsen if these problems are not addressed.

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