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Protecting Your Home Against Siding Damage

Vinyl siding is one of the most durable materials that you can choose for the exterior of your home. This durability does not mean that the vinyl siding will be completely free of the risk of suffering significant damage, which means that you will still need to be prepared to oversee repairs to this part of your home. 

Many Siding Damages May Only Be Noticed With A Thorough Inspection

There are many damages and other problems that your home may suffer that could be fairly easy to notice. While it may seem like damage to the siding will always be easy to recognize, the reality is that many of these damages may be somewhat hard to notice unless a thorough inspection is completed. An example of this could be siding that has developed small gaps between the panels. These gaps may be hard to notice from a distance, but they can still contribute to major damage by allowing moisture, mold, and other substances to get under the siding.

Delays With Siding Repair Can Cause Major Damage To Your House

If your siding has been unfortunate enough to suffer damage, repairs will need to be prompt. Often, individuals may not be quick when it comes to scheduling repairs for damage to their siding. This can lead to the home potentially suffering far more significant damage. While a moisture barrier will be under the siding to help protect the home in these events, this barrier can also suffer damage that may result in rips forming in it. These openings can allow water to pass through the barrier to come into contact with the home, and this can cause rot or other moisture damage to occur.

Replacing Individual Siding Panels Can Be A Somewhat Simple Process for A Professional Contractor To Complete

In many situations, you may find that one or more panels of the siding have suffered enough damage to need to be replaced. A homeowner may be intimidated by this repair due to assuming that it will be very costly and difficult. Luckily, this is not actually the case most of the time as a professional will be able to complete this repair with relative ease. This is particularly true when the damage is limited to one or two panels, which can often be the case when the siding sustained a strong blow from falling branches or storm debris striking the exterior of the house. Depending on the type of siding that your home has, it may be necessary to custom order the siding, which may require between a few days to up to a week for it to arrive.

To learn more about siding repair, reach out to a contractor near you.