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Rocking The Patio: Stone Materials That Will Make Your Patio A Hit

When it comes to patio design, using the right materials in your design will help you create a patio that is a far cry from the concrete platforms of the past. A variety of stones will add beauty and charm to your patio. Getting to know your options will help you design a patio that suits your needs and adds aesthetic value to your home.


Rustic and warm, brick is a good choice if you prefer a traditional look or want to create a patio that has a southwest flair. Brick is durable and can hold up to heavy use. The small size of bricks makes it easier to create intricate and unique designs if desired.


If you love a natural or organic look, flagstone will not disappoint. Extremely durable and beautiful, flagstone comes in a variety of shades to suit your needs. Flagstone looks great with almost any home style, from modern to rustic, and will be right at home with contemporary and traditional design styles as well.


If you appreciate elegance and want to create a patio with a sophisticated flair, look no further than marble stone. Marble is available in multiple color styles and can increase the value of your home due to its elegant appearance and durability.  Marble's elegance makes it a perfect match for modern home styles and homes with detailed architecture.


If you want a patio style that exudes charm and character, cobblestone will not let you down. A perfect option for cottage or country homes, cobblestone is reminiscent of something you see in a storybook. Warm and inviting, cobblestone's rounded edges give it a cozy and natural feel when used in patio design.

Pea gravel

If you are looking for a money saver, pea gravel is something to consider. Pea gravel is an excellent choice if you want a unique shape for your patio, as its compact size makes it easy to pour into areas to create any shape you desire. Pea gravel allows you plenty of color options to choose from to match your home's exterior.

Why settle for a boring patio when you can have a patio that is both practical and pretty? The secret is using the right patio stone to add character and beauty to your design. Used alongside or in place of concrete, stone materials will add color and texture to your patio design and make your patio a hit for entertaining or simply relaxing with the family.

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