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No Leaks? Non-Repair Reasons To Call A Roofing Contractor

For most homeowners, the decision to call a roofing contractor is only made when leaks, storm damage, or problems related to aging have already occurred. There are, however, some very good reasons for homeowners to contact a roofer when there are no known repair or replacement issues. 

When the home is being purchased or sold

When a home is for sale, both the seller and any potential buyers will want to have a clear understanding of the condition of all its systems and structural elements. Because the cost to repair or replace the roof can be substantial, all parties involved in the sale will want to confirm the condition of the roof.

If the roof has existing conditions that the seller is not aware of, the buyer may lose interest or attempt to negotiate a lower price. Sellers can also use information gathered from a pre-listing or pre-sale roof inspection to help them with initial pricing decisions or negotiations during the inspection phase after the home has gone under contract. 

When a major storm has occurred in the area

Major storm systems, with lightning, high winds, hail, or heavy snow and ice all have the potential to damage the roofing materials of homes and other structures. When these weather events occur, some homes will show immediate signs of damage. Others, however, may suffer latent damage that will not show up as leaks or other visible signs for several weeks or months. 

Homeowners whose homes have experienced a major storm should consider having their roof inspected by a roofing contractor, even if there is no known damage. If the roofing contractor's inspection reveals evidence of damage that will shorten the lifespan of the materials or create later repair or replacement needs, their report will assist the home's insurance broker with the proof necessary to file a claim for repairing the damage or replacing the roof. 

When winter nears

Homeowners should also consider having their roofs inspected annually each fall before winter weather arrives. This is beneficial because it will help homeowners discover any developing repair or aging issues so that they can be addressed before the weather turns cold and makes outdoor construction tasks difficult or impossible. 

Having your home's roof assessed each fall by a reputable roofing contractor is also a proactive step toward extending the lifespan of the roof. In addition to taking an annual assessment of condition, the roofing contractor can use the visit to clear away fallen leaves, dirt, and debris that are known to damage roofing materials.