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A Siding Fix May Be Necessary When Seaside Wind Damage Occurs

Living near the ocean comes with many positive benefits. Unfortunately, the sea can also bring heavy winds. During harsh storms, the winds could even tear off portions of a home's siding. Once this happens, the homeowner must act quickly and contact a siding contractor to perform the necessary fix. Not all of the siding might be torn off, as only a small portion may tear off, revealing the wood underneath. Regardless, leaving the wood exposed would not be a good idea. New siding must be affixed without delay, or else more damage is likely coming.

Move Quickly to Protect the  Wood

Delays on repairing the damaged siding could leave the wood at extreme risk. More water and rain will eventually cause the wood to rot. If the rot spreads, then the problem will manifest on other sections of the interior wall. And it would hard to keep such a  problem from expanding since water drips and otherwise spreads. Once the problem spreads, a significant amount of rotted wood likely requires replacing. In addition, the dampness could lead to mold growth. A failure to address the "small" problem of a missing patch of siding could mean more significant troubles.

The Bad-Weather Patch

Concerns likely arise when extended weeks of lousy weather makes it impossible to perform the siding job. There may be a way to protect the wood from any damage, though. A siding professional could provide a quick patch fix to prevent water from entering. Placing a covering over the exposed wood with an appropriate adhesive to hold it in place might be a patchwork fix, but it is better than no protection. Such a job is better left to a siding pro, as it's a bit harder than it looks. Any gaps or imperfections could lead water to enter. And experience pro could reduce the chances of that happening.

Replacing Significant Siding

Homeowners might need to accept some costly realities. Even if only one or two pieces of siding get torn off, the siding contractor might not be able to replace only the small section. Attempting to match the siding the old and new siding may prove difficult, so more considerable amount of siding might require removal. Also, there could be previous storm damage necessitating tearing out additional wood. Hopefully, the homeowner's insurance policy may provide coverage, less the deductible. Check the policy to be sure.

Wind damage isn't kind to a home's siding. A siding contractor may present a little kindness in the form of repair work.

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