Working With Contractors

Benefits of Joining an HVAC Contractor Union

Working as an HVAC professional can be a highly rewarding career path to follow. However, many individuals that are pursuing this career path or that are currently working in this field may not fully appreciate the ways that joining an HVAC contractor's union can benefit them.

Collectively Bargained Wages

One of the most important benefits that unions can provide to their members is the ability to collectively bargain wages. This can result in higher wages for union members as the employers are forced to negotiate with the union to avoid a strike. For individuals that are concerned about the risk of frequent strikes, both the management for the union and the business will have a strong interest in avoiding strikes, which can help to keep their occurrences rare. In addition to bargaining for higher pay, unions can also negotiate for other quality-of-life improvements for workers. Common examples of this can be getting holidays off, shorter workdays and more comfortable working conditions.

Training & Other Types of Development Support

In addition to helping to negotiate for higher wages and better working conditions, a union can also help members by providing them with a variety of training and development opportunities. These opportunities can range from teaching new skills to members or helping members to meet continuing education and skill review requirements. Unfortunately, many union members may rarely take advantage of these benefits due to being uninformed or otherwise unaware of them.

To ensure you take full advantage of your union's benefits, you should thoroughly review the benefits sections of the union contract. In addition to providing information about the available benefits to members, this will also make the steps for utilizing these benefits clear. If you still do not understand these benefits, you will likely be assigned a union representative that you can speak with for clarification.

Legal Representation for Professional Disputes & Accidents

Sadly, there are some instances where individuals may find themselves involved in a legal dispute as a result of their work. In these situations, unions will often provide legal representation to the member or provide other compensation for the member's legal expenses. Often, individuals assume that this benefit will only apply to instances involving clients or customers. However, it can also apply to disputes with the employer. This can be especially true if the employer violated the union contract. For these reasons, it can often be wise to reach out to your union if you suspect that there may be legal ramifications or liabilities that you will have to address.

If you have more questions, contact an HVAC contractor union recruitment service.