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Choosing The Right Deck Color

A deck can increase your ability to enjoy the landscape surrounding your home. Modern decks can be customized with fireplaces or outdoor kitchens to help them meet any homeowner's needs.

While selecting accessories for a new custom deck is something that every homeowner looks forward to, the materials you use to construct your deck are just as important. Color is one of the leading factors that you need to consider when designing a deck that will be both beautiful and functional.

Going for a natural look?

Many homeowners want their deck materials to look like natural wood. Actual wood can be difficult to maintain over time, but there are some composites that can mimic natural wood to give your home a rustic appearance.

Warm browns that range from a light cashew nut tone to a deep mocha offer the most authentic look when it comes to a custom deck. These colors also make great options for homeowners looking to maintain a neutral exterior for their residence.

Trying to make a statement?

If you are not afraid of bold or bright colors when it comes to the design of your home, you might want to consider composite decking materials that fall within the red color family. Although the thought of a red deck can be intimidating for some, keep in mind that the red hues in decking materials are mainly undertones.

Rich chestnuts, decadent redwoods, and other vibrant materials can perfectly complement a home with a lighter exterior. Homes that have been painted in pastel colors can also be paired with red decking to make a bold style statement.

Looking for a more modern aesthetic?

Some homeowners are drawn to the modern colors that can be found in natural stone. Homes that feature stone prominently in their exterior design should be paired with decking materials in a cool color palette. The most popular of the cool colors is gray.

Gray tones lend a modern look to any custom deck, making them the perfect option for contemporary or modern homes. Darker gray decks can be paired with red brick to create a striking contrast, and lighter gray tones can be used to create a tranquil deck space.

Color matters when you are designing a custom deck. Choose your materials carefully so that you end up with an outdoor space that reflects your personal style and blends with the existing aesthetic of your home's exterior.