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Why And How To Polish Concrete

Polishing concrete can turn it from an ordinary flooring material to a stylish, modern look. Obviously, a polished floor is very defined look, and some people don't love it. That being said, it is a trending style and can be a bold move if you want to create a modern interior style. Polished concrete is also a very low maintenance flooring choice. Traditionally, raw concrete is not a practical or stylish interior flooring material. But, it has always been popular for sidewalks, basements and garages. Polishing concrete can make it ideal for any interior surfaces. This article explains two different methods that you can use to achieve a polished concrete look.

Polishing the Concrete

Polishing concrete to smooth out the pores and give the surface a softer finish is something that needs to be done with heavy-duty floor polishers. These are basically heavy machines with large spinning heads. Usually, a wool buffing attachment is secured to the head. The polisher spins at such high speeds that it basically works like a stone polisher. But, not only does it smooth out the roughness of the surface, it also adds a slight shine to it.

Glazing the Concrete

Many people will polish exterior surfaces, and then do nothing more. But, if you want to polish an interior surface, you should consider adding a glaze on top of it. A glaze finish will make it a little smoother and more comfortable, which is best for an indoor surface where you are often walking without shoes. The glaze also waterproofs the floor to make it stain and spill proof. One of the best things about a glazed and polished interior floor is how low maintenance it is. The glaze will last for many years before it needs to be reapplied. In the meantime, you don't need to use any special chemicals or methods to keep up the glaze.

Applying the Glaze

The glaze is a finish you can add after the polishing is done. The process is very simple. You basically pour the glaze onto the concrete and then spread it out using squeegees. It is self-leveling, and it dries very quickly. As long as your floors are clean before applying the glaze, it will dry smoothly and evenly.

You will still need to finish the job by lightly buffing the glaze once it is dry. in order to knock down any bumps or air bubbles that may have formed during the curing process. To learn more about concrete, contact a company like Claggett & Sons Inc.