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Ways To Dispose Of Paint After A Painting Job Is Complete

Whether you're doing your own house painting or you've hired a painter to do the work for you, you'll ideally be left with very little paint by the end of the job. While you might wish to keep some in a small bottle for future touch-ups, you won't need to keep a significant volume of paint. This is especially the case if you have a lot of paint left over—for example, if you overestimated your paint needs and are left with nearly a full can. While you can take the paint to a local household waste disposal site, there are several other avenues that you can explore. Here are three disposal options to consider.

Drop It Off Where You Bought It

Some paint stores allow customers to return unused paint to them to deal with. While small amounts will get recycled, larger amounts of paint can be sold to people at a discounted rate. For example, if someone has a limited budget but wants to make his or her home look nicer, this person can visit the paint store and browse the "used" selections. He or she will have to decide on one of the existing colors, rather than get paint mixed up, but this can allow him or her to get paint for a project.

Donate It To A Charity

If the volume of paint that you have is sizable, you might wish to call a few charities in your community and see if one of them has a need for some paint. A charity that is tight on funds will often rely on donations from members of the community, and if your leftover paint is enough to complete a project, the charity may accept it. For example, a house for battered women may take your can of paint and give one of its rooms a fresh facelift for its clients.

Take It To A Used Home Supply Store

There are many different home supply stores that deal in used items. If you're replacing a fixture for example, you can take the old fixture to the store, where someone who doesn't have much money can buy it. Some of these stores accept paint, provided that there's enough paint to resell to someone. Call a couple of these stores, explain what you have, and drop off the paint when you're able. Some of these stores will even send drivers to pick up your items for donation.

Contact a company that offers interior painting services for more information.