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Common Reasons For Needing Window Replacements

Installing replacement windows is a major upgrade to have done to any type of building. While this project can result in your home have attractive and durable new windows, individuals will often find that it is difficult for them to determine when this type of project is needed for their homes. If you are finding yourself wondering whether this work is needed, you should review a few of the more common reasons individuals will need to replace their windows.

Interior Rot

Rot is one of the most serious forms of damage that your windows can encounter. In addition to compromising the integrity of your windows, this issue can also allow extensive water damage to occur as the rotted frame will allow moisture to seep through the window and damage insulation and interior walls.

Decreasing Performance

You may also find that the performance of your windows will gradually decrease over the time. This can lead to you experiencing difficulty with controlling the interior temperature of your house as leaks and drafts can form around the window. These issues form due to the sections of the window frame gradually pulling apart or the weather stripping degrading. When your home is suffering from this type of window degradation, you might find that the energy efficiency improvements that you gain by replacing the windows can help pay for the costs of undertaking this work.

Frame Warping

The window frame is responsible for holding the window unit in place. While the frame of the window will normally be among the most durable parts of it, there is still a risk of this frame warping. This can occur due to incorrect installation, a shifting foundation or other sources of structural stress. Due to the fact that there is no way to reliably restore a window frame that has become heavily warped, replacing will be the only practical option for this source of damage.

Termite Damage

For homeowners, discovering that their house has a termite problem can be a terrible realization to have. These insects can cause major damage to any wooden components of your house, and the window frame will frequently be a prime target for these pests. While minor termite damage may be able to be repaired, this will not be the case when the damage is more extensive as the window frame will be too structurally weakened. Due to the unique vulnerability of your window frames to this threat, regular treatments of termite pesticides can be essential.

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