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3 Tips For Successful Commercial Painting

Adding a fresh coat of paint can be a simple and affordable way to give your commercial space a facelift. While painting might seem like a simple process, it can actually be quite complex and requires a lot of pre-planning.

Here are three tips that you can use when planning a commercial painting project to ensure that your paint looks smooth and even once applied.

1. Pick the right color.

Selecting the right paint color is critical when it comes to refreshing a commercial space. In order to ensure that your employees and customers feel calm, productive, and at-ease in your commercial space you need to have the right paint color on the walls.

Taking the time to become familiar with some simple color psychology can help you narrow down your color options to the hue that will be best suited for your commercial space. Bright colors like yellow tend to help people feel energized, while mellow colors like blue help to evoke feelings of relaxation.

Be sure that your walls make the right statement by selecting the right paint color for your commercial job.

2. Pick the right formula.

When it comes to the successful application of paint, having a product with the right formula is critical. In order to ensure that you are using the correct paint for your commercial project, you need to examine the walls you will be painting.

Many commercial spaces feature interior walls made from brick or stone. Since these materials are more commonly found on the exterior of a property, using an exterior paint formula will provide you with the best results. If you will be painting over drywall, then an interior formula is best suited to meet your commercial painting needs.

3. Invest time in proper preparation.

The success of your commercial paint job can be compromised before the first pass of paint is applied when you don't take the time to prepare the area.

You should carefully evaluate the wall you will be painting for any gouges or cracks that will need to be filled in and sanded prior to painting. It can also be beneficial to add a layer of primer to your wall in order to ensure that the paint you select will be vibrant and durable over time.

Completing a paint job can be a simple way to update the look of your commercial space. Be sure that your painting project goes smoothly by selecting the right color, choosing the correct formula, and taking the time to prepare the surface you will be painting for application. Contact a service, like Trend, for more help.