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A Guide To Great Condenser Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is key if you want to ensure your system is energy efficient. If you don't properly maintain your heater and air conditioner, there is a good chance that your utility bills will spike and it will be harder to keep your business at a comfortable temperature. One issue that could greatly decrease the efficiency of your system is a malfunctioning condenser unit. This article explains the importance of an efficient condenser and the best maintenance tasks to perform on your commercial air conditioning.

The Importance of Your Condenser

The key to a healthy, productive condenser is keeping it clean. The condenser is the large appliance located outside. You might refer to it as the "air conditioner." In reality, the condenser is just one part of the AC system. It is a key component in the transfer of heat. The condenser pulls warm air out of your business while the cooled air is pumped in. If there is any problem with the condenser fan or the coils, the entire operation will be slowed down.

Working on the Condenser Fan

Most condensers can't be easily worked on, but you need to shut off the power first. Since condensers usually don't have a power switch, you need to turn off the power at the breakers. First, work on the fan. Most condensers have a protective guard on the top. This metal cage can be easily removed by taking out a couple of screws. Once the cage is removed, you can easily clean inside of the condenser and the fan with a hose vacuum.

It is a good idea to wipe down the fan blades with a rag just to remove any dirt. If you see any serious clogs near the output fittings, reach down and remove them. The inside of the condenser can get dirty despite the cage, especially if it is under a tree with the falling leaves.

Cleaning the Coils

The coils are on the outside of the condenser, so they are more vulnerable. You will probably need to clean the condenser coils more often than the fan. The coils can be easily cleaned by simply spraying them down with a hose. They should wash the majority of the dirt out of the coils and help increase their functionality. Dirty, clogged coils are bad because they reduce heat transfer and make cause the condenser to use more energy to cool down the fan.

If you do your part to keep your condenser coils and fan clean, and your entire AC system will remain efficient for longer.