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Putting An End To Dog Pound Bailouts: 3 Solutions To Make Any Fence Dog Proof

So, Rover is Houdini and you regularly make trips to bail him out of the dog pound, which can be expensive. It is also dangerous for your fury companion and others for the dog to be out on the streets. Dog-proof fence designs and improvements will help save you the headaches of worrying about your pet. Some solutions to dog-proof your fence include concrete footings, gravel and wood. Here are a few simple solutions that will keep dogs in the yard and out of the streets:

1. Putting the Fence in Stone With Masonry and Concrete Base

Fences often have nothing below the bottom, which is perfect for dogs to dig holes and escape. A simple way to make your fence dog-proof is to put concrete or stone at the base of the fence. Concrete footings are an affordable solution and do not have to be deep because they are not structural, so less concrete will be used than for structural purposes. Stone is an attractive solution that you can use by building a small wall at the base of the fence and installing the fencing above it; it is a costly solution but great for new homes and major renovations.

2. Stop Digging Dogs With Gravel and Stone at The Base of Fencing

Another simple way to prevent the dog from digging beneath the fence is to use gravel and stone along the fence line. Use gravel that is larger to deter bigger dogs from digging under the fence. Stone pavers can also be used to deter the digging habits of dogs. Another benefit of this method is that it can help prevent wear and weathering of wood fencing by reducing dirt that splashes up on fencing.

3. Block Access to The Fence with Wood Decking, Planters and Garden Features

If your dog cannot get to the fence, it will be more difficult for him to dig holes and escape. Used planters, benches and landscaping structures to prevent the dog from getting to the fence. Decking platforms and paths are an affordable solution that can help deter dogs from digging beneath the fence as well. If you have big dogs that jump fences, use features like hanging planters or fencing the is angled slightly inward to deter them from jumping over the fence.

These are some of the solutions that you can do to stop your dog from escaping. If you are tired of rescuing your dog from the pound, contact a home renovation contractor, such as those found at Lajoie Bros, to help with these improvements to your fence and landscaping design.