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Advantages and Disadvantages of Matte Cabinet Finishes

Matte finishes for kitchen cabinets are a popular design choice for many homeowners who are remodeling their kitchen, as many people find the non-shiny finish of matte cabinets an attractive way to pull together the entire aesthetic of their kitchen. However, there are a number of practical advantages and drawbacks associated with matte finishing on kitchen cabinets. Understanding the characteristics associated with matte finishes on kitchen cabinets can help you decide whether or not they are the right fit for your interior design needs.

Advantages of Matte Cabinet Finishes

Hidden Smudges and Marks:

The main advantage of matte cabinet finishes is that they can hide minor smudges and marks much better than their glossy counterparts, as they do not reflect a great deal of light and often contain a texture in their finish as well. This means that you won't have to clean smudges off of your cabinets as soon as they appear, as most minor marks will simply be invisible unless you are literally right next to your kitchen cabinets.

Consistent Appearance:

Another key advantage of matte cabinet finishes is that they provide a consistent color across the entire cabinet, as opposed to glossy finishes, which will always have a section that is reflecting more light than the rest of the cabinet. While this is a subjective matter, many people find this consistency desirable when putting together a design plan for a kitchen.

Disadvantages of Matte Cabinet Finishes

Difficult Maintenance:

While matte cabinet finishes do not show minor smudges and marks as much as glossy finishes do, cutting down on how often you have to clean them, they can be harder to remove, increasing the amount of effort cleaning takes. This is because matte finishes will show streaks more than their glossy counterparts do, and the texture of some matte finishes can actually hold onto oils and smudges fairly strongly. This translates into longer maintenance and cleaning sessions, which is an important aspect to take into consideration.

Lack of Light Reflection:

Another key consideration of matte finishes is the fact that they reflect very little light. This is an important interior design consideration, because if your kitchen is fairly small matte finishes won't do anything to expand your space. This also makes matte finishes a less than ideal choice for dimly lit kitchens, as the room will remain fairly dark and will require more artificial light to brighten it up.