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Places In Your Kitchen Where You May Find Mold

When you think about finding mold in your house, you might commonly think of the basement or the bathrooms. While these locations can indeed contain mold, they're not the only spots. Another area in which mold can potentially grow is your kitchen. Although some mold might be visible, such as around the perimeter of your sink or tap if you don't often clean these areas thoroughly, mold can hide in several other spots.

If you identify signs of mold, you should contact a mold removal service immediately. The presence of mold in your home can be detrimental to the health of your family. Here are some places where you may find mold. 

In The Vent Hood

The vent hood above your stove can potentially be a source of mold. This can occur if food particles are captured in this area. For example, if something has boiled out of control in the past, small particles of food could get lodged out of sight inside the vent hood. If you do lots of boiling on your stove, a significant volume of humid air will flow into the vent hood. If the fan isn't running to suck the humid air away, this area can remain damp, and that's when mold begins to grow around the stuck food.

Under Your Sink

While mold can occasionally be visible around the edge of your sink, you should also routinely clear out the space beneath the sink and assess the situation. If the sink has a slow drip from one of the pipes, the area can stay damp and promote the growth of mold. Mold in this location is even more of a concern if you store your kitchen garbage below the sink. Occasionally, food particles can miss the garbage when you toss them, and something may fall behind the garbage and be overlooked. In time, this waste can mold.

In Your Cupboards

Cupboards might not have mold as much as the other two above locations, but it's still possible. If perishable food stored in this location spoils and is overlooked, mold can start to grow. It can be difficult to see the back of each of your kitchen cupboards, but it's worthwhile to thoroughly check them on occasion. Additionally, keeping perishable food out of these areas and in a refrigerator is an important step toward limiting the risk of mold.

If you suspect any mold in the kitchen, a mold testing service like Coastal Environmental Compliance LLC.