Working With Contractors

Want To Add A Kitchen Island? Make Sure To Get Features That Meet Your Needs

Each kitchen has standard features such as a refrigerator, oven, cabinets, and a countertop. You should be able to prepare meals for your family, but your kitchen may not have everything that you want. If there is space in the middle of the room, you should consider adding a kitchen island to fix your problems. The great thing about an island is that it can add several qualities or features to the kitchen on its own. Hiring a remodeling contractor and making a detailed list of your needs for a custom island is a smart plan.

Prep Space

The counter space in your kitchen may be lacking because you like to have several small appliances out. It will be even more limited if your dish drying rack is placed on the countertop. This means you may struggle to find enough room for preparing meals, especially when you are getting help. Fortunately, an island can solve this problem by giving you a lot of space to work with for prepping meals. You will have to find a balance with the size of the island and the space left over to satisfy your need for prep space.


Another thing that an island can provide is storage. It is possible for this storage to come from all corners. The size of the island will have a direct impact on how much storage you get from this addition. It is best to think about what you are going to put inside for storage because this can help you come up with an ideal design that allows you to store the things that you want while also optimizing the space available.


A kitchen island can have a sink installed, which is perfect for when part of your main sink is dedicated to dish washing. For instance, if you have a faucet with two bowls, you might put dirty dishes on one side and leave the other open for rinsing vegetables, washing your hands, and getting water for cooking. Adding another sink allows you to give the new sink a dedicated purpose or just give you more flexibility.


If you want your family to spend time in the kitchen when you are making food or for eating, you will want to incorporate seating with the island. It is important to set it up in a way that the seating is on the opposite site of where you are preparing food so that the seats do not become an obstacle in the kitchen.

Adding an island is an excellent fit for when you have several needs for your kitchen.